Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is your dream closet made real. We’ve created a library of the most aspirational brands (luxury, designer and vintage) from real people’s closets and made it available for you to rent at affordable prices. As for all those amazing pieces in your closet that you never wear? Now you can earn a little extra spending money by renting them out to other stylish New Yorkers. It’s good for the planet and great for your wallet. Win, win.

Where are you based? And why aren’t you in my city?

NYC is our hometown, but we could be persuaded to expand to your area. Where should we go next?

Can you ship to me if I don’t live in NYC?

At the moment, we’re exclusively in New York City and we don’t ship outside of the city. But you can open a closet with us from anywhere in the world, and have your pieces shipped here to be rented. Get started now!


What is the Wardrobe Guarantee?

Here at Wardrobe, it's our sole mission to make sure you look great and feel great in everything you wear from our Closets.

How does renting work?

It’s easy. Just create a profile and start shopping! Once you find something you love, select the dates of your rental when it’s time to check out. Have your order delivered to your home, workplace, or pick it up from one of our Wardrobe Hubs, which are located throughout the city. (There are 40+ hubs in NYC!) With our next day delivery, you can place your order by 4pm and get your pieces by 10am the next morning. Just return your items to any Wardrobe Hub when the party’s over.

Where can I find info about my upcoming rental?

In the wardrobe app, go to Menu > Bag > Currently Renting > Upcoming. There you’ll find info on the items you’ve booked.

When am I charged?

You’ll be charged as soon as you place your order. Payment occurs per order. No memberships or subscriptions are required — just rent as you please.

What are Wardrobe Service Fees?

To help operate the Wardrobe platform, including services like 24/7 customer support, delivery and credit card processing, we charge a small fee when booking is confirmed.

What are Cleaning Fees?

A cleaning fee is a one-time fee to cover the professional cleaning of your rented items. This fee may vary depending on the garment. These fees go to our dry cleaning partners (aka the Wardrobe Hubs) for all their hard work cleaning and storing your items.

What should I do if something in my order is missing or not what I expected?

We want to make your order as seamless as possible. If something went wrong with your order, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help out. You can write to us directly through the app (Menu > Messages) or email us at and we’ll get back to you right away.

How do I change or cancel a rental?

In the app, go to Bag > Upcoming and select the order you wish to change. Then click Change Rental Period or Cancel Order.


How does lending work?

Ready to make all your amazing but under-used clothes a source of income? Simply start a closet, tell us about each piece, and we'll take care of the rest! We even have stylists who can help your closet look its best. Wardrobe Guarantee ensures your items are covered by us in case of any damage. Click here to get started.

If I lend out my items on Wardrobe, can I still wear them when I want to?

Yes! Just request your item like any other rental item on the app and we'll deliver it to your location or the nearest Wardrobe Hub — your choice. You will not be charged, except for the cleaning and delivery fee. See our full Terms of Service here.

Still have questions?

Contact us!

Get in touch! Email us at with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our app also features an open channel where you can chat with someone from the Wardrobe team in real time.