Do share.

It’s more than just lending out clothes — it’s inspiring sustainable behaviors. By sharing your wardrobe, you’ll be helping to change the cycle of fashion, from fast to eco-friendly.

Make some spending cash off clothes you rarely wear — or donate your earnings to your favorite charity.

How It Works

Make Your Selections

Choose the item(s) you’d like to consign and share. (I.e. that amazing dress you’ve only worn twice).

Request a Pick Up

If you live in New York City, we’ll pick your pieces up at your door. If not, we’ll send you a shipping label ASAP. Click here.

Create Your Closet

We’ll help with this. Once we get your items, we’ll automatically set up your Closet, and notify you when it’s live.

Share the Love

Post your favorite Wardrobe items so your followers will know you have pieces ready to rent. Don’t forget to tag us! @wear.wardrobe


Make some extra cash or donate to the charity of your choice — your call.

Our weekly rental prices are set to approximately 5–8% of the current retail value of your item. The lender (that’s you) takes home 70%-80% of the weekly rental price.

We estimate that “new” or “like new” items will rent a few dozen times. You can track your rentals and earnings in the Wardrobe app.

The Wardrobe Guarantee

We’ll take good care of your loaned items and will cover your stuff if something happens (damaged, lost or stolen).*

Contact us anytime at

*See Terms of Service.

As you’ve certainly noticed, there’s a new trend toward sustainability and sharing amongst the most popular new businesses. Brands like Everlane, Allbirds, and Patagonia have set the bar high for sustainable practices, and companies like Airbnb and Lending Club are promoting a new sharing economy. The fashion rental marketplace now caters to millions of consumers, but there’s lots of room to grow. We’re excited to take circular fashion to new heights with our peer to peer platform.

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Access Over Ownership

Sustainability (Everlane, Allbirds, Patagonia) and the sharing economy (Airbnb, Uber, Lending Club) have seen explosive growth in 2019.

The fashion rental marketplace now caters to millions of consumers with the average subscriber spending 33% of the year (or 120) days wearing rented items.

Reuse, reduce, rent.

Things to Know

  • To start a closet, you’ll need to post a minimum of 20 pieces.
  • Your piece will be available to rent for a minimum of 90 days. After that, you can choose to relist, return, or donate it to charity.
  • Choose items that are luxury, designer or vintage with a retail value of $250 or higher.
  • Your item should be new or like new, without signs of wear or alterations.
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