Wardrobe is a peer-to-peer marketplace for the rental of luxury, designer and vintage fashion. Millions of high-quality apparel and accessories are left untouched in our closets, yet feel we have nothing to wear. We open closets for sharing fashion, person-to-person. You can download the iPhone app here.

Our 40 Hubs in NYC offer you rental pick-up/ drop-off locations that are safe, secure and convenient. Our Hubs are green dry-cleaners where borrowed items are cleaned before returning to the #circularfashion ecosystem, and best of all, they have changing rooms, so you can try items before you borrow.

Sustainability. Authenticity. Radical transparency. Real people and real bodies. Gender-fluidity. These are our values. Wardrobe is a rapidly growing community of users based on style, trust, sustainability and accessibility. Give circular fashion a twirl.