The problem.

  • Millions of great, high-quality underused apparel and accessories in our closets.
  • Yet, nothing to wear.
  • Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Wardrobe is the future of sustainable fashion.

Wardrobe is a new peer-to-peer digital marketplace for the rental of women's fashion-apparel, accessories, shoes.

The Hubs.

Our technology opens your neighbor’s closets to you for sharing fashion, person-to-person.

Our 12 Hubs, located throughout Manhattan, offer you Pickup/Dropoff locations that are safe, secure and convenient.

Best of all, our Hubs are professional dry cleaners where items rented via Wardrobe are cleaned before returning to the #circularfashion ecosystem.

Give circular fashion a twirl.

Wardrobe only carries well-made apparel & accessories that are meant to last - to be worn and re-worn.

Stylish. Simple. Sustainable.

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