Why We Borrow

To borrow is to turn heads at a gala without having to buy a gown. It is to wow your co-workers on the daily without having to use your oven as closet space. It is to engage in fashion without harming the planet, and to feel amazing in your own skin while walking down a crowded street. To borrow is to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself: a community of like-minded fashion-lovers who believe in a fashion revolution.

How It Works

1. Find it.

Browse hundreds of closets, or search for a specific item by brand, size or type.

2. Book it.

Once you book, you can choose whether to pick it up at a nearby Wardrobe Hub or get it delivered straight to you. Book by 4pm and receive it by 10am the next day!

3. Drop it off.

When your rental period is over, simply drop your item off at the closest Wardrobe Hub. They’ll launder it professionally for the next renter.

We call it revolutionary. Because it literally is.

A closet on every corner.

By partnering with local dry cleaners, we keep money circulating through the community while our clothing circulates through the city. We’re way beyond massive warehouses and cheap manufacturing — we want to use what we already have to create a new way of getting dressed in the morning, where consciousness and community come first.

Find Your Wardrobe Hub