Wardrobe Summer Program

Fashion Sustainability Ambassador

A FashionTech program is designed to supplement student’s full-time summer internship.

Candidates will be given an orientation in fashion sustainability and how Wardrobe leverages technology and untapped resources to disrupt traditional supply chains and consumer behavior. Wardrobe will provide reading materials. Candidates are expected to pick a sub-section of the fashion sustainability field, research and expound on it at monthly meetings at Wardrobe’s HQ.

Program Dates: Tue, May 26 - Fri, Aug 14
Important Dates

  • Applications close: March 29
  • Interviews scheduled: March 30 - April 8
  • Offers issued: April 10
  • Orientation at HQ: April 17


  1. $80 Wardrobe Credit awarded every month (in 3 installments)
  2. Individualized discount code for each Ambassador to track rentals. Each rental with the individualized code unlocks $10 in Wardrobe Credit to your account.

Program Schedule

Organize a Wardrobe Sustainable Fashion Trunk Show with your community
+ social media component to the event
Bonus points for organizing a fashion sustainability awareness event this month
+ social media component to the event
Pre-Party Trunk Show: Mon, Aug 3 (Tentatively)
Summer Finale Party: Thurs, Aug 6 (Tentatively)

To apply, please click here.